Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lasso - Lasso'd (2011)

This album stands out among what I've been sent lately. It has a pretty unique style compared to what's been playing in my headphones. Lasso is undoubtedly psychedelic rock but with a strong degree of country and Americana. The music is worth paying attention to just to hear the contrasting use of twangy and fuzzy instruments matched up to create something all the more wonderful. Taking a cue from the album art I imagined a dreamily colored western landscape as listened with my eyes shut. In the tracks that have vocals I found the singing pretty awesome and it varies throughout the album, augmented by brief sampling to create mood. Also, there's a ragtime/dixieland sorta number, "Creep St." that's a highlight for sure. The fella that sent to this album is not only in the band but runs a small label/studio in Kalamazoo called Double Phelix. The bandcamp page linked to has the album for free digitally or for a measly $5 on tape or CD. I highly recommended that you at very least stream it.

To be had here:
Lasso - Lasso'd

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