Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Teen Brigade - Into The Ocean (2011)

Into the Ocean is an epic album; it plays for nearly an hour and quarter. With only fifteen tracks one can easily imagine there are some real doozies. Electronic soundscapes with long, building, evolving and mood-shifting nature make up the first and third parts, but the middle ha stripped down songs with more guitar. The variety of fuzzed out or warped vocals are really what gives some of the songs personality though, such as "(1). Left The Club Last Night" where hip hop style singing is present or echoey, ethereal voice in "Chaos Reigns." I thought it was awesome that there's a clip of guy calling in about reading up on H.G. Wells wikipedia stuck in the middle of the album. Overall, it is hard to place Teen Brigade into any genre, for arguably many present here, including lo-fi rock, pop, ambient, glo-fi, and more. Perhaps the best way to put it is the Teen Brigade is a fine example of genre isn't anywhere near as important as making good music.

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Teen Brigade - Into The Ocean

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