Thursday, January 19, 2012

EP Grab Bag vol. 12

These are the EPs I've gotten around to listen to since around mid-December. A mix of genres in this set, from garage rock to electro-acoustic oddities. Hope you find something you like.

To be had here:

R3000 - Muted Fog Delay (2012)

A strange hybrid of electronic and acoustic instrumentation along with a heavy use of sampling makes up R3000. The solo project of drummer of Germany's Zloty Dawai (on which I plan to post soon). I found the noisey and seemingly chaotic music of R3000 to be take on an ordered effect if given a chance, and is remarkably emotional.

Bear Baiting - Bear Bating E.P. (2011)

A Los Angeles instrumental group consisting of two basses, keys, and drums. I'd call it post-rock, but it does have some very math rock like aspects in the bass playing. It is intense and quick, I'd say good for you if you like Kinski, Lebanon or Maserati. Plus that album art is just grotesquely awesome.

Honeybear Forest - Bloody Bay (2011)

Out of Northeastern Pennsylvania is the electronic/ambient artist going under the moniker Honeybear Forest. The songs are spacey and ethereal, fantastic for chilling out with. I picked Bloody Bay so as to have specific album art, but there are several releases you can hear on the bandcamp site. Physical copies of his music can be gotten at Stress Carrier.

Dusty Mush - Demos (2012)

Dusty Mush is garage rock group from France. They've linked me their demos that were DIY recorded in a friend's attic with two microphones. Influenced by great garage rockers like the Gories, the Mummies, and the 13th Floor Elevators. There's even some surf vibes. Never one to shy from lo-fi techniques I greatly enjoyed these tracks.

Eric Silberberg - The Courtroom (2011)

This is the guy that sent in the Vostok 1 EP that I put on Grab Bag vol. 7. Like that EP this is an experimental eletro-acoustic release. At times it sounds only vaguely musical, so it might fall into the catagory of sound collage or field recording-esque. Much with the beeps, boops, jangling cords, and odd slices of conversation. Eerie in the best kind of way.

G. Zarapanecko - Glitterdämmerung (2010)

Despite the very German title, I believe this fella is from New Haven. Nevertheless, it is more electro-acoustic music. I picked this release as it is an EP to fit the theme, but he's got more releases out you can get to from if you poke around the bandcamp page. This shit has accordion too, that makes me indescribably happy. Washes over me like a prescription-strength painkiller.

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