Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random Singles part 7

This batch could almost as easily be called Random Demos, but in this digital age I can think it is worth my time to split hairs. Anyway, this shit showed up and I dug it.

Another single of frenzied garage punk by Greg Cee. Filled with highly distorted guitar and vocals, panicking hollers, and crashing cymbals. There's a new version of "My Satantrue" which was on the White Moon Digital Single I shared a bit ago, and it nearly twice as long and epic. Should a full-length from Greg Cee be released I'll be ready to hear it.

Stagnant Pools - Consistency (2012)

Shared two of this band's albums several months ago and they've been cool enough to let me know they've got a new single out. Very shoegaze, lo-fi and wall-of-sound. Wonderfully done, hope there's a new album on the way.

Holy Shakes - Demos (2011)

This band sent me their demos for a planned release. They haven't eve

n got this shit streaming anywhere according to what they told me, but I guess they want it passed around nonetheless. So here are the very catchy lo-fi rock of Arkansas's Holy Shakes.

E U N U C H S - Demos (2011)

Two brief and noisy tracks from this UK three-piece. Loud and wild in the fashion of Lightning Bolt, Mindflayer, or Liars. Lo-fi noise rock for sure and I promising start should the put something more lengthy out.

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