Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Seapony - Go With Me (2011)

Finally got my shit together for a minute and looked into what had come out lately that I hadn't the good fortune to have been sent. So even thought this came out in the spring, I just got it this week. Seapony is a band I very quickly came across, and that could be a sign that they're pretty popular already. I'm posting anyway as I did find their debut album, Go With Me, quite charming. Anyone who reads the blog knows how much a love fuzz in any kind of music. Seapony's fuzzed out pop sounds like somewhere between the noise pop of Best Coast or Beach Fossils and the sweet indie pop like one might heard commonly out of Nordic countries. Perhaps some of you are a slow as I've been and might wanna grab this.

To be had here:
Seapony - Go With Me [320 kbps]

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