Wednesday, December 7, 2011

EP Grab Bag vol. 10

This is a real hodgepodge of submitted EPs. None of them the usual lo-fi rock I post, but all worth a try if my description intrigues you.

To be had here:

Smilelove - Live @ Gok Sound (2010)

Japanese twee pop, you know the sort that is as near to cloying as you'd like. It's been a bit since I've gotten any music like this, but some sugary and happy pop sounds are nice treats. This is a live EP from last year. They did write me about their new single, Njajaja, but as this is the free download I'll send you here and let you jump over to the single as you'd like.

Shy Girls - Sex in the City (2011)

This is not the usual fare on the blog either, in fact the only thing I can think of that is close to Shy Girls is the Federer EP I posted back in Grab Bag Vol. 6. They called the music "smooth jamz" and confessed to boy band inspirations. I can't help but think there is a huge level of irony all mixed up with genuine enthusiasm. Strangely alluring, must be why all the kids go nuts for this sorta thing every few years.

Glish - Blast Off (2011)

An alternatively dreamy and poppy shoegaze band out of New Orleans. Features a member of High In One Eye, who I posted up on a previous Grab Bag. Sounds well-produced and has some real fine vocals. A very solid debut EP and should bode well for an album if they release one.

Cutthroat Convention - Peeling the Sea (2011)

Sumbitted by the DYI label Doubledgescissor >8<, this is a rather absurd noise rock EP. I guess most all noise rock would be absurd though. Sampling, hollering, wild instrumentation with horns, electronics and percussion. I'm linking to the label site where it can be downloaded for free by follow the link to "downloads" at the bottom, obviously enough. It can be streamed at bandcamp too though.

Lovers and Reflections - Lovers and Reflections (2011)

As this is only two tracks I might've put this with the singles, but the length of an EP is arbitrary when you're writing your own blog. This is a duo that makes new wave/dream pop in Chicago. One of the pair, Chris Moore, apparently has a good record as producer. Not a free download, but streamable of course.

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