Thursday, December 8, 2011

East-Ra - Cold Summer (2008), Sutra (2009), & Substitute 3 (2011)

These guys dropped a psychedelic bomb on me last week. Three albums of lo-fi psych-rock for writing up at once is a doozey, and normally might've taken longer for me to post it up if it wasn't that I enjoyed the albums so much I've had no problem listening to them repeatedly. East-Ra are from Croatia, but if you heard their first album, Cold Summer, you could easy be made to believe they're a British psychedelic act that rose and fell in the late 60s. Even reminds me of Detroit's late 60s psych band, The Index. Absolutely mesmerizing and a wonderful representation of what psychedelia can produce. The second, Sutra, has a large difference insomuch that it's sung in their local dialect, which they told me is unique to their town. Also has some recognizable krautrock influences. Finally, there is Substitute 3 sounding more experimental. The exotic instruments and echoing chants caused me to think of the Finnish avant-garde music I love so much. Got hooked with the first track, "Amanita," and though the rest isn't as avant-garde it kept my interest steadfastly. All their albums are free on their label's blog, OSA Media, and I've linked to the albums directly below.

To be had here:

Cold Summer


Substitute 3