Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lou Reed - The Blue Mask (1982)

I love Lou Reed. He belongs small group of people that I consider to be everlastingly cool (allowing for the wreck he recently did with Metallica, no one is free of follies). Lou Reed does something for me that very few artists achieve, I hang on every messed-up, strangely-sung lyric. Sometimes Reed is quite straightforward, but many of the tracks on The Blue Mask are odd as shit. To think this is the album he made after sobering up from drugs and alcohol. Even if I can't figure out why he's singing what he does, it is mighty captivating. Hope some of you like Reed as much as I do, because I've been listening to a different albums of his each morning as I walk to work, and I doubt I am gonna stop posting them now.

To be had here:
Lou Reed - The Blue Mask [320 kbps]


  1. Sums it up brilliantly. The man is one of my heroes.

  2. This album is worth it just for the presence of the late great Robert Quine on guitar. Great post.