Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Albino Father - Chrimbus (2011)

A Christmas themed psychedelic/garage rock EP from Albino Father. Felt it might be best to get this out before the holiday rather that other years where I posted Christmas shit on the day of. This band released an album earlier in the year, AGE, which had several varieties of lo-fi rock incorporated. This hold true for Chrimbus, with the addition of comical seasonal lyrics and song titles. If more holiday music was able to use fuzzy guitars like this then I might be inclined to enjoy Christmastime somewhat more. Lord knows that lame Beatles song I have to hear everywhere doesn't do the trick. Oh, do check out that bizarre Star Wars Christmas album I posted two years back, for some reason I was angry when I wrote it.

To be had here:
Albino Father - Chrimbus

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