Thursday, December 29, 2011

EP Grab Bag vol. 11

Here a few things I found in my inbox along with an extremely wild EP I dug out of my hard drive. Sorry if your submitted material is taking time to appear on the blog, I've been sick lately and now they've got me on some strong painkillers that are knocking me out. Hopefully I get to most all of it soon.

To be had here:

Gills - GILLS IS DEAD (2011)

This is a band that makes what I'd call instrumental math rock or post-hardcore. It is mostly certainly best heard loudly, for the quality of recording doesn't do any favors for mellow listening. Can get awfully close to instrumental metal with the guitar parts, not that there's anything wrong in that. These guys know how to makes exciting and intense rock, perhaps just needing definition.

Sonic Youth & Yamatsuka Eye - TV Shit (1993)

Though this has been around for some time, it is still as avant-garde as shit gets. Boredoms' flamboyantly outrageous vocalist Yamatsuka Eye teamed up with the Sonic Youth to make what is perhaps one of the loudest, most distorted and nonsensical noise rock EPs ever here.

Pale Suns - Dead to Me EP (2011)

This was sent in without any background info, but I think they're of Midwestern origins. Droney/ambient shoegaze that has a gloomy mood. Subtle but effective. Their previous EP from earlier in the year, Here Is, can be gotten too.

DIMENSIONS - Medusa (2011)

This is a strange electronic project that I believe is from Brooklyn. Has tones and vague rhythms building up into oddly futuristic soundscapes. It would make a fine fit for scenes in a sci-fi film. The longer one sticks with listening to it the more mesmerizing it becomes.

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