Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Northwest Ordinance - Walk Through Fire (2011)

This is a submitted album from Dayton, Ohio. I once spent one of the most boring weeks of my life in Dayton staying with an aunt as a teenager. It might've been better should I have had access to some garage rock as these fellas are offering up. It is broken down sort of garage rock, with vocals taking a rather prominent role, but musically reminds me of a band that could sound like The Flaming Sideburns or Reigning Sound. At risk of this become an all too common suggestion on the blog, I'll say this album is best heard on high volume. You'll hear all the wild and fun rock all that much more clearer with the distortion buzzing and cymbals ringing in your ears. Pretty good act that as the potential to make some great bluesy garage punk albums. Their previous albums are also available on their bandcamp page, just follow the links on the side.

To be had here:
The Northwest Ordinance - Walk Through Fire

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