Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Henri Salvador - Chambre Avec Vue (2000)

A comeback album by a French (by way of French Guiana) singing star, who rightfully should be more famous in America. This dude is old as dirt being born in 1917 but he can sing some lovely tunes. Chambre Avec Vue was popular in France and I've yet to figure out why Americans can't embrace things as decent as this in the mainstream (I suppose there isn't room with John Cougar or whatever the fuck he calls himself these days). Monsieur Salvador is a true artist and possesses the sophistication that men like Brain Wilson, though great in his own way, lack. The album features several tracks that Salvador had a hand in writing himself, which unfortunately became rarer in his career leading up to this release. As this is not something tailor made to impress an American audience, the entirety is sung in French (when it was brought over it was by the respectable yet corporate owned, Blue Note Records). "Le Fou de la Reine" is sung in conjuction with the enchanting Françoise Hardy. The music accompaning the singer lives up to his epic presence as well. Overall, this is something you might consider giving to your mother or aunt (even if Ii've failed to get my grandma to take to it fully) and not be ashamed to enjoy yourself. That isn't everyday.

To be had here:
Henri Salvador - Chambre Avec Vue [128 kbps]


  1. C'est tres jolie!
    Muchas gracias

  2. Isn't he wonderful. A real treasure.