Sunday, August 17, 2008

Death by Chocolate - Zap The World (2002)

As the friendly fella requested, I'm sharing the second album by Death by Chocolate. The album is very much like the first one, same twee and extremely thickly laid on British accent for the spoken word vocals. I mean there is not much to add to the review of the other. Basically, if you liked the self-titled you'll enjoy this, if you want something different or you didn't enjoy the previous you should avoid this puppy like it is poison ivy on your crotch. I feel some of the more pleasing tracks are those lacking any true vocals such as "El Graphic" and "Artplay" which I haven't a doubt would go well on a mix tape of indie pop ditties excellently. I do love the words they match to the alphabet in "A B & C Part Two." Pretty much this, as with the previous, is for somebody with a sense of humor, like of the 60s and can stand for outrageous amounts of cuteness.

To be had here:
Death by Chocolate - Zap The World [160 kbps]

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