Friday, August 15, 2008

Pivot - Make Me Love You (2005)

How about them apples, folks. One hundredth post already and it hardly seems like we've gotten the ball rolling. Business first, I've read the request and I will try to meet them in a timely matter. This is for the other Death by Chocolate album, a re-upload of Stimmung, and the like. I don't have the other album by The Seconds yet I'm working on finding it. In other news, danger dog and I have been trying to recruit our online friends to author us some posts and share what they feel are some great album to sweeten the pot. Thus far none of followed through, but why stop trying now? As for the most recent lull, my PC is still broken despite the attempts to get it repaired and as I store my music on an external drive and have no real home it isn't easy to upload anything. Plus, I've been teaching myself how to make my own mead; a most glorious use of time in my opinion.
I thought about making this 100th post a biggie with a lot of shit on it, but I got frustrated at my really slow intertubing speeds, so you're getting what I felt was enough. However, do not despair for I do believe this is a most admirable album that fortunately for me was listened to enjoyed, forgotten about and then re-discovered. Make Me Love You is laudable debut album by Pivot, an Australian band that wavers on the boundary of post-rock and IDM. Completely without vocals, and they're not missed for a moment amongst the stunningly done instrumental sounds. Personally I feel the weakest part of this album is that it goes by far too quickly leaving me to either repeat it or search desperately for something similar. It might be the name the does it or perhaps the that it is the lengthiest, but I adore the track "Pivot Voltron" (who doesn't like Voltron?). The guitars seem almost funky when laid over the chimes and steady drums. I sincerely hope you care to hear this album as much as I do and please keep making requests, we're trying to fulfil them.

To be had here (192 kbps):
Pivot - Make Me Love You

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