Sunday, August 3, 2008

Quasi - Featuring "Birds" (1998)

First, a note on the failure to have frequent posts, My PC is down, the bitch completely shat out on me... again. Thus getting to my music at all is a much longer process and uploading is something I seldom have time for without my desktop computer. Danger Dog's seasonal forlorn has come to its end but thus far he hasn't posted, we'll see what happens with that. I had a few album uploaded that I was debating post and I guess since it'll be difficult to upload anything else I shall share them. Maybe I can get it fixed this week; perhaps the post will flow more freely on the river of information this internet be.
Now, the reviewing of things. Quasi is a band that has a strange background, but makes exceedingly prime indie pop ditties. The duo is a couple that was formerly married, and both known for their involvement in other acts. Sam Coomes, the half of the band, was an associate of the late Elliot Smith in his band called Heatmiser. Janet Weiss is known just as much for her drumming in Sleater-Kinney, which is joined after Quasi's formation and, following Sleater-Kinney was disvolved, her much publicized joining of Stephen Malkmus's Jicks. The two worked together in the band Motorgoat before Quasi, and of course were married and divorced to one another. Quasi's music is really like any of those bands in particular though, the musci they played for fully indie pop, with keyboards and drums making a huge part of the instrumentation. Both Coomes and Weiss sing, sometimes together other times solo. Overall, Freaturing "Birds" is a witty and very artfully crafted collection of pop songs. They can be noise-like or sweet-sounding, but never uninteresting.

To be had here (160 kbps):
Quasi - Featuring "Birds"

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