Friday, August 8, 2008

They Mean Us - Friendship Lottery (2007)

According to my take on this blaggering I've been light on the post-rock as of late, and that is no way to be. They Mean Us will hopefully be an adequate way to remedy this situation. They received some rather decently large intertubes press with their short album Friendship Lottery, and normally I don't bother to share what is already out there alot, but I felt like testing the water today. What I can't seem to figure out is if it is just by chance that their name also happens to be the title of the album by The Ladies (Zach Hill of Hella and Rob Crow of Pinback, great shit). Whatever the case may be, They Mean Us is different from The Ladies more or less noise rock sound. Friendship Lottery is an exciting post-rock album. Not so much of the ambient, atmospheric kind as the experimental and loud type. The band reminds me of a Tera Melos that doesn't sing or a less heavy Turing Machine, to reference bands I've previously posted. There are six members to the group, making it so instrumentation is never lacking. The entirity is filled with astounding drumming and guitar playing, and I love the addition of string sounds that just amplify the feeling of the songs. Fuck people, just trust me that this is some damned fine post-rock-ish music.

To be had here (224 VBR kbps):
They Mean Us - Friendship Lottery

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