Monday, August 4, 2008

E*vax - Parking Lot Music (2001)

With the recent release of Ratatat's third album I've has a renewed interested in the band and things related. E*vax most absolutely is related, insomuch that it is the moniker under which Ratatat's Evan Mast made music before the bands creation. As to be expected, the album is electronic and without vocals like the sucessor project, but the music is considerablely more mellow than even the most chilled moments of Ratatat's discography. Thus, the name Parking Lot Music is not misleading whatsoever. In fact, it is pretty music great to listen when clamly doing anything alone, or with someone looking to be as clam as you. Naturally, in something that is designed to be soothing, there aren't really any standout tracks, but merely well-composed albums like this. Logically, the album is on the Audio Dregs label, which is run by Mr Mast and his brother. His brother makes music under the matching name, E*rock. This name will be familiar to listeners of remixes, but orginals by E*rock are something I've yet to find. In summation, if you're seeking out tranquil electronic music and/or are interested in Ratatat is is certainly a good thing to get this.

To be had here (128 kbps):
E*vax - Parking Lot Music

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