Thursday, August 7, 2008


Damn, I've noticed I uploaded these bands I've liked for a while because I'm really damned lazy as of late. Blasted job is to blame, but who really cares about that jazz. Dungen is some special indeed. Hailing from that lovely music-filled nation of Sweden, Dungen is mainly the creative genius of Gustav Ejstes (fantastic name). The band's name means "the groove" and is said "doong-un" so don't make a fool of yourself by sounding it out. Ejstes is a student of classical music, and has done soundtrack music for the Swedish version of Disney's Jungle Book (not the coolest move, but he said he's gotta eat). Focusing more on the band, the music is nearly entirely played by Ejstes on the albums, however there's a touring version on the band. Albeit they failed to make a supporting tour for the 2007 album. The discography is kinda confusing because the first three releases aren't really three because songs are re-used and I think one is just a vinyl version or something. Nonetheless, there are at least three unique albums. I'm sharing these beauties today and boy howdy are they fine. Stadsvandringar is the first of these; the first track sharing the album's title and perhaps the most stunning of the songs thereupon. The style of Dungen's play is most definitely in the realm of psychedelic yet it is unique in amongst newer psychedelia that's reached popularity that it is able to get heavy without seeming like metal at all and it is sung fully in Swedish. There are clear signs of Ejstes musical education in the way he pulls from classical and folk to make his rock more interesting. The next album is Ta Det Lugnt; translating as "take an easy." The album outshines the previous efforts and had a large splash in the media. Basically, the tracks kick ass, especially "Panda" and the whole thing is certainly worthy of the praise. When released in 2005 it had the Tyst Minut EP added to it (this is the version I'm sharing). Lastly, there is the 2007 album, Tio Bitar, which continues along the vein of the prior released albums but doesn't falter from the all too common problem of trying to recapture what made the last one great. I believe this is largely do to Ejstes talent as a songwriter and musician. Basically, I'm a big fan. There's supposed to be a new album this year, sometime this fall, entitled 4 that I'm hopeful about.

To be had here (192 kbps):

Stadsvandringar (2002)

Ta Det Lugnt (2005) additonal tracks at 160 kbps

Tio Bitar (2007)