Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunset Rubdown

Sorry about the delay in posting, but it seems I'm not granted any true days off anymore because life hates me. Firstly, I wish you to be knowing of the fact that I hate being in a car as much a eating rotten fruit and a massive case of the runs. I have had to spend my last two days off in the car for the majority of them, but the second time was the more interesting. My good friend from high school got married to the girl he recently knocked up and thus it was this justice-of-peace shin-dig and I drank too much. Thus the day after I barely could pilot my automobile to my employer's let alone care about you people at all. Tell you what I can do though, on top of my shared album I'll supply you with some links to other blog's posts of what I find to be very prime material. First, extremely fine lo-fi pop from the Swedish song-wizard James Ausfahrt's A Message From God on No data. Second, posted by the premium blog, It's Okay Not To Dance, is the smartly-done mellow electronic experience of Kira Kira's Our Map To The Monster Olympics. Third, the sumpremely far-out drone and noise stylings of Yellow Swans on Deterioration Yellow Swans brought to us by ill-formed.
I do suppose it is due time to get on with my own post here. This is one I've been debating for a bit because I was unsure of how popular they really were and if a post would really be news to anyone. However, I am guessing they aren't as big in popular culture as they're to me. Sunset Rubdown, other than being a sweet-ass named band, is a sort of side-project of Spencer Krug (that name perhaps wrongly provokes an image of a nerdy viking in my mind). Krug is a member of Wolf Parade and occasionally Frog Eyes as well, and therefore is one busy bee of indie. To date there have been two full-lengths and an EP, at the moment I lack the EP but I'm sure we'll make do. The muisc is surprisingly different from Wolf Parade, for those that aren't huge on them, and the vocals feel really different to me, but it is likely mood more than anything. Shut Up I'm Dreaming was the first album, and it is the more lo-fi of the two. The songs are interesting and the lyrics fun-listening, but this album is good to have after hearing what they achieved upon their second try. Random Spirit Lover is absolutely fantastic in the fashion in which in capitalized on the different instrumentation in Sunset Rubdown compared to Wolf Parade and how they made it so amazingly full sounding. There isn't a thing I could imagine being added or subtracted from this album to make the music sound any better. In addition, Krug's singing goes to new levels with his sustained note-bending croons. I was blown away with the first track, "The Mending of the Gown." Let's say I like this shit a lot, and therefore hopefully you will too.

To be had here:

Shut Up I'm Dreaming (2006) [224 VBR kbps]

Random Spirit Lover (2007) [256 VBR kbps]
First Half
Second Half

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  1. Sunset Rubdown - Snake's Got A Leg (2004)