Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thunderbids Are Now! - Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief (2002)

Thunderbirds Are Now! were one of those bands that were good for what they were, but the powers that be at pitchfork made them into a mild summer craze by touting them to high heaven in advance of one of the festivals they hold in Chicago. In full disclosure, I've been to two pitchfork festivals, neither did I plan on, both times a Canadian provided my ticket. I am mixed on my overall opinion of pitchfork, yet anything close to NME boy-who-cried-wolf shit isn't very tasteful. Why therefore am I posted Thunberbirds Are Now!? Because sometimes I actually like Detroit and what the people here can do. Moreover, the group's second album and to a lesser extend the later releases got the fame. I'm giving you the first, which even the band itself seems to have qualms with (they think it was a sucky first album to be frank). Despite the naysayers, I find it really entertaining. Not very elegantly thought out, the album makes up for that with charming noise-craft (that is my new word). The title of the album is great, and all the song names continue the witty trend. However, if you're looking for mind-blowing or award-worthy, this shit isn't it. I do think it is an underrated and very valiant effort.

To be had here:
Thunderbids Are Now! - Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief

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