Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Françoise Hardy - The "Yeh-Yeh" Girl from Paris (1965)

As a preface, I'm unclear as to the status of Françoise Hardy's fame amongst groups of young music fans in other areas, but thus far yé-yé girls have been accepted wholeheartedly by all those I broach the topic with. Perhaps I spend much of my time with film lovers, art students and indie kids, but it seems contradictory see the avid affection for yé-yé girls. I won't claim I am above it either, as I absolutely adore Françoise Hardy and the others. They were the anti-thesis to modern independent art, they were funded by large companies, the films were hugely hyped, the girls were required to as pretty as their voices and some didn't even write some of their most famous songs (others like Jacqueline Taïeb penned hit songs). Nevertheless, they seemed against all reason to be uncorrupted and sweet. One thing they didn't lack at all was talent. Both visually and vocally exceedingly captivating the yé-yé are definitely one of the strongest links between francophone and anglophone cultures in the 20th century; helping to forge the cultural phenomenon that is the pop star.
All that aside, I am a big fan of The "Yeh-Yeh" Girl from Paris. The title has what is apparently an Anglicization of yé-yé, which means young, innocent and cute according the tubes here. For the most part, Hardy wrote her own lyrics on the album, which properly are entirely in French. The songs are all memorable, yet certain ones are more famous. The first track, "Tous Les Garçons et Les Filles," is the one my mind most readily identifies with the album. However, "Ça a Raté" and "Oh, Oh, Chéri" are without doubt the most excellent songs. I've a special spot for "J'ai Jeté Mon Coeur" as it was the first title of a French song I encountered and understood after French classes and an amazing song. Basically, I am saying to any who might've missed the French pop joy earlier that this is a great introduction. Please to get it and embrace it fully if you haven't heard it as of yet.

To be had here (192 kbps):
Françoise Hardy - The "Yeh-Yeh" Girl from Paris

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