Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lady Flint - Hard Time (2015)

The return of the garage rock duo from Marseille. Some might recall my having posted them in a Grab Bag last year and us discussing them in a podcast thereafter.  Then Lady Flint took it upon themselves to sample some of the audio from that podcast, so you can hear Elvis and I discuss the geographic origins of the band on the first song of this album. Made for a very surreal morning at work when I first heard it.

If you liked the EP from last year you'll nearly certainly like what you hear on Hard Time. Still a stripped down garage outfit of just guitar and drums with a ton of loudness and moderate distortion leveling it all out. Their playing is undeniable catchy and exciting, the sort of thing you're love to hear walking into a seedy dive bar, hankering for a night out. The singing is raw and loud, more forward than more garage rock I hear. Moreover it has a grunginess to it, by which I mean he elongates words and his throat sound dry and slightly raspy like Kurt Cobain so often did. I am not a huge Nirvana fan, but I can get behind what Lady Flint is doing here and I haven't a better example. Like Elvis did, I can see why people would confuse them for an American band, but trust me, it is all part of the wonderful transatlantic cultural exchange.

Between Lady Flint, Pain Dimension, the Madcaps, Dusty Mush (which I just realized I haven't post on their full-length up for god knows what reason) the psychedelic and garage rock on France is blowing me out of the water on a routine basis. Gonna have to get my shit together and find my way to France sooner or later.

To be had here;
Lady Flint - Hard Time

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