Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ummagma - Live and Let Die (2013)

This sat in the submission box for awhile, and having just now listened to it, I am sad to say I didn't spin this little EP earlier. Heavy shoegaze sounds permeate from this Canadian-Ukrainian duo as they turn their reverb pedals to 7 and blow out the small fender stacks they have likely assembled. The music isn't walking far from the well worn path pioneered by the likes of My Bloody Valentine, but I have nothing against borrowing from the best. Based on their press release, the group has garnered some significant acclaim in Australia, and when are those kangaroo-riders ever wrong?

Keep it coming kids. Just hook the people up with a download next time.

Stream it here:
Ummagma - Live and Let Die (2013)

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  1. Great idea - here is a Dropbox #freedownload for readers (Ummagma "Risky") as requested or visit - there are a whack of free downloads there too :)