Friday, February 14, 2014

EP Grab Bag vol. 51

Fuck all that romantic love shit, how about love for some of the submissions sent to SpaceRockMountain that got lost in the shuffle? You see folks, we get a lot of submissions around these parts, and just giving 10 minutes per release can be a time consuming task. Sometimes great music goes unposted, and these are just a few I pulled from the depths of the email box.

Eddie Brnabic and the Cosmic Fellowship - Subtle Realms (2013)

These stoned out psychedelic jams should have gotten the proper spin they deserved when they were submitted. This stuff is like smoking a blunt and then riding a water slide into hell with Tony Lommi. I love me some sloppy lo-fi guitar work, but this is as far from that description as one can be. Highly competent and polished, in all good ways.

Chris Naish - Reasons to Run (2013)

Any song with the lyric "you make a rainbow of my grave" is worthy of a Valentine's Day post. Straightforward, fuzzy singer songwriter stuff with just enough piss and vinegar to add to your lonely french fries dinner.

Leaves Aflame - ST (2014)

I know people still say they hate it, but Prog rock still has a lot of room in my hallow heart. Building worlds is not an easy thing, whether it be literature, film, or music. When done right, a cast of characters interacts with a setting I am willing to travel to, and this Illinois group does that well.

Slenko and Hyde - Back Roads (2013)

I think we have written something about these chaps in the past; they sound awfully familiar. Creative anti-folk from Connecticut. What is with all the good music out of Connecticut these days?

Palermo - Still Life (2013)

What would be a EP Grab bag without a little experimental post-rock? These kids from Prague made one of the better vinyl releases I should have been enjoying for some time prior to this. "Monochrom" is my favorite track off this release.

Temples - Temples (2013)

By this point, you sad single bastards in the crowd are starting to well up thinking of some unrequited love. Well, grab another beer because Temples wont make you feel any better. Plodding post-rock from Middle America. Just be thankful you are not from Utah like these kids are, and then you will feel a bit better.

Harry Cloud - Our Love is Bad (2013)

There is no more fitting release to end our depressing Love Day special. This band mentioned in their submission that this was recorded under extreme duress. Stylistically, I would put these in the "folk music made alone in a dark room category" so maybe this kid really was at the end of the line. Although, he made a record after this one, so I guess everything worked out.


  1. Much appreciation for posting our "Back Roads" record, but, as a quick informational aside, we're all from Pennsylvania, born and raised. However, our jeans are from Connecticut --

    Thanks again for the post --
    more releases coming in 2014.