Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An Emerald City - The Fourth (2011)

I don't quite know how it has come to this, but my ever-vacillating tastes have swung all the way back to the point that I am really enjoying post-rock again. While attempting to get through a variety of Japanese and European novels lately with my massive free time due to under-employment I have really been making use of the hundreds of post-rock albums stored up on my hard drives. This is a band that really stood out for me among them and I was surprised to find that it is still available for steaming and download ($10) on bandcamp. Germany's An Emerald City makes some delightful post-rock that isn't the sort that puts a depressive damper on one's day if heard with breakfast. In fact, I have found the album to have an adventurous mood with some of the same elements of exotica that I so happy about with Monster Rally, though notably of an Arabian influence. It can even make chores seem like your in a surreal movie that ends with some sort of positive affirmation about yourself. You know, crazy stuff. Anyhow, despite its release not being all that recent and the likelihood that the band members have gone on to other projects I still recommend digging into their catalog.

To be had here:
An Emerald City - The Fourth

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