Friday, February 14, 2014

Juleah - Entangled and Entwined (2013)

Happy Love Day everyone! I have had my share of romances through the ages. The greatest being a young prostitute a decade or so after the French Revolution. People smelled better in those days. More musky. If I recall, I think Napoleon snapped her away from me, but it was a riot while it lasted.

If you are without someone to buy cheap Chinese products for on this oh-so-corporate of holidays, there are more than a few records to spin that will better describe your mood than you could yourself. This Austrian act plays clean, blues-rock that happens to sail on a cloud over a unicorn castle in the sun. Yep, that is all I can come up with in regards to these tunes at the moment, and if I am to be remembered for anything, hopefully it is not that god-awful line. Pretty tunes however.

Get it here:
Juleah - Entangled and Entwined (2013)

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