Thursday, February 20, 2014

EP Grab Bag vol. 52

"These are not EPs!" you say? "Some of these are full records, don't you even know what an EP is?" says internet assholes? I sure do, but you can still go fuck yourself.
This group describes themselves as a mix of Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. Initially, I found that preposterous. Yet, having reached the end of the record, those British acts absolutely come to mind as the construct forged around the acoustic guitar helps make the dreamscape they envisioned come to mind. No Ozzy connection however, and more Syd Barret than Roger Waters by the way, seeing that Waters is a dumb asshole.

I will start by telling you that this is long as all hell. It also happens to be rather good. This German group has 2 discs full of beautiful ambient songs that are well constructed and purpose driven. This is not noise without a mission. Upon hitting the 13 minute mark on the first track, I knew I was in for a ride. Movie soundtrack, here this comes.

Having Tubular Bells in your collection used to make you an un-cool square in the punk community. “Studio produced music without soul!” they would say. Punks eventually grow up and discover that making pimp ass sounds isn't just for old men in a studio. Thankfully the kids these days don’t have an aversion to creating music that could serve as the background to a PBS NOVA special. This is great, and better yet, it is on cassette.

Cottons – Terrible Roars (2013)
Let’s end on a little guitar rock, shall we? This Connecticut native has found a home in Southern Cali as of late, but his twinkly guitar work and intricate guitar work could be placed in any local that values a nice pop-rock song. I loved this kind of thing as a kid, and they do it well. 

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