Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jagwar Pirates - Full Total Complete Bronzage (2012)

Couldn't have asked for something better to come back with after a break in posting. Jagwar Pirates are a very noisy French surf rock band that the label Cocktail Pueblo sent me. Largely instrumental, as surf rock frequently goes, these guys really make the most of heavily distorted and distorted guitars. They've got a darker tone that makes them a bit harder than most surf I've heard lately, and I find I greatly enjoyed the mildly haunting style (hard to imagine with that kid and his pup as the album art). Intensely fun to hear regardless of how heavy it may be relatively. Found myself remembering that wonderful film Six-String Samurai with the post-apocalyptic setting and the Red Elvises. Also the only track to have vocals, "planet claire," echoes the "Peter Gunn Theme" from The Blues Brothers (commenter pointed out it's a B-52's cover which may be why I felt I knew it). If a surf rock album, especially one that is so noisy and lo-fi as this, can summon pleasant memories and all sorts reactions from me then I most certainly think its done a good job.

To be had here:
Jagwar Pirates - Full Total Complete Bronzage [320 kbps]


  1. "Planet Claire" is a B-52's cover. Excellent stuff.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, I integrated that info into the post. Fucking knew I heard that guitar rhythm somewhere but I sadly can't pick out too many B-52s songs beyond "Love Shack." Should like to remedy that eventually.

  3. Just the album cover makes me want to check this out.

  4. Of course you know that Peter Gunn is by Henry Mancini and dates from the the late 1950's. Been covered by a million guitar players through the years starting with Duane Eddy of course

    By the way, really enjoy your blog. Interesting and different music.