Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shonen Knife - Minna Tanoshiku (1982)

Hope this isn't news to many of you, as I should like to Shonen Knife are a known entity. Nonetheless, I have listened to this digital copy of what was Shonen Knife's first cassette release so many times in the last few weeks I felt it necessary to post up. As I mentioned this was a cassette only release that had only 50 copies in the original production, which included lipstick kisses purportedly from the band members. Thirty more were put out by a small label before the band halted further production and they never officially re-released it, though songs on the tape appear in later albums. Thanks to the powers of the Internet and digital files we get to hear these rough, lo-fi recordings from what must be one of the best things Japan's music industry has ever exported. The version of the tracks on this tape quickly have become my preference, especially the field-recording-esque "Burning Farm." Way different from the Burning Farm album or the version on Let's Knife. Moreover, two of the tracks were done live. So very very good.

To be had here:
Shonen Knife - Minna Tanoshiku [128 VBR kbps]


  1. I loved this so much when it first came out. "I looking forward to eat ice cream after my bath time..." Sad that the file has been deleted already.

  2. I reuploaded this one. Get it while you can.