Saturday, February 18, 2012

EP Grab Bag vol. 13

Here a whole mess of EPs I've gotten over the last several weeks. Sorry about the delay if you sent it in a bit ago. However, there's a certain efficiency to waiting for them to stack up and be dished out all at once.

To be had here:

The Band in Heaven - HoZac 7" (2012)

As the name says, this is a 7" EP on HoZac Records by South Florida garage rockers (like yesterday's Jacuzzi Boys), the Band in Heaven. Droning, warped garage punk leaning toward the heavier side of the genre. Sounds like a mucky march through a swamp of guitar and drums and echoing vocals, which is to say I loved it. Can't wait to hear more of these fellas. Digital is $4, vinyl on Hozac, two tracks are downloadable for free and naturally all is streaming.

Preludes - The Swan EP (2012)

Some may recall Preludes previous EP, The Moth, which was on a earlier volume of the Grab Bag. Well, clearly enough there's a new one that carries on with the mellow, sweetly-sung dream pop. Unlike much of what I post up here, this is heavily centered around the lyrics, so maybe straighten up and listen, at least for one go. Bet you'll fancy it if you do.

Secret Motorbikes - This Is Not A Hostel (2012)

Honestly can't figure out where I got this from, I think I was sent a link via email but I can't seem to dig it up so I might be poaching this off another blog. Anyhow, this is more garage rock, of a straightforwardly catchy variety. These guys are from Glasgow if their bandcamp tags aren't misleading. Worth getting for lo-fi rock fans.

Almost Free - In/Out (2011)

I saw these guys play a couple of shows in Detroit recently and they were nice enough to give me some of their albums. It is lo-fi rock/pop done with a healthy degree of swagger. It is quick and features some really neat guitar playing. I can attest they do a solid live gig, and can excellently cover Dick Dale if they fancy.

The Happy Medium - All Smiles (2011)

Based out of Sacramento the Happy Medium plays lo-fi rock that reminds me Jeffery Novak and the Love Language in some ways. The EP moved fluidly between distorted vocals and guitars and something more baroque. Quite compelling, it is the sort of music that I reckon gets more texture and enjoyment from repeated listens.

Covered Faces - LObiep.EP (2011)

Out of Basque Country, Spain comes Covered Faces. Face-paced electro-punk that is like Adult., Simian and Eero Johannes. Tons of crazy electronic effects and creative composition made up of eerie and invigorating tones. The singing especially reminds me of Adult., which is a good thing. Most certainly the sort of thing that'd make a great show in a dark hall with wild lighting.

The Janitors - Worker Drone Queen EP (2012)

Last but not least, a shoegaze act from Stockholm. Dark wall-of-sound with influences like the Jesus and Mary Chain and Spacemen 3. I must imagine fans of Suicide, Singapore Sling and My Bloody Valentine shall easily dig these guys. Personally I found their gloomily reverberated sound to be most refreshing. The soundcloud link is .wav files so I put up a mp3 version as well.

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