Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Werewolf Police - Vulture Club EP (2012)

My pal John from the Inclined Plane gave me a heads up on his bandmate's other group, Werewolf Police. They've just released a new EP which is some tremendous indie rock that begins with a strong infusion of new wave elements. Straight off with the crazy guitar and effected vocals of "Jumbo & Slim" I was hooked on this EP. Just gets noisier and more incomprehensible from there on. It is buzzing, lo-fi rock that just fills the head. Like a happy bumble bee flew into your ear and stung you full of joy. Really though, I am digging this shit pretty hard, and if you liked stuff I've posted up like Car Seat Headrest, Burt Choir, Federer or Wavepool Abortion toward the end of the EP. Wonderfully done and I should hope they'll keep making shit like this. I'd say to get their album, Ruin the Night, but it seems they removed it from bandcamp, I guess because this is a different sort of music, admittedly one I do like much more. Regardless, get the singles they've got links to, they're good for a go, and enjoy the EP.

To be had here:
Werewolf Police - Vulture Club EP

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  1. Vulture Club has this strange feeling of "What year am I in?"... and I love every moment of it.