Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Singles part one

I always get a variety of singles sent to me by artists and labels in hopes I'll shill them to the readership here. Promoting music is more or less the raison d'être for Spacerockmountain, so accordingly here are several singles and an EP that I have been meaning to throw up and finally got around to listening to.

To be had here:

Bourgeois Heroes - Olé/Hola

This is a recent release from February Records, which I do believe is Connecticut-based. Really lovely and mellow indie pop songs. Very easy to get into.

Seized Up! - Seized Up! EP

Full disclosure here, this is a band of a fella that I went to high school with. It is a bit more pop-punk than I usually share on Spacerockmountain, but it certainly has it merits. Good musicians if you dig this genre, and they're just sitting in Detroit waiting for you to bother them to tour I bet.

The Bynars - Asking Your Mom for Money

Snyth-pop from Boston if I'm not mistaken. I don't know why I do not share snyth-pop more often. I really do think it pretty swell. This track is catchy and you might find yourself listening to it a few times over without growing weary at all.

Phantogram - Mouthful of Diamonds

Last but far from least, some electronic pop. If this track is any indication of what Phantogram is capable of producing I am super-jazzed to see what they'll have coming out in the future. This is superb music with some stunning singing to boot.

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