Tuesday, March 8, 2011

YALL - Drink From Between Our Hair

My apologies to patient man that sent me this album, probably more than once. I should be more on top of posted submissions, but it is a habit I've yet to solidly form. Anyhow, my regretful tone is because this group is worthy of a good posting. YALL is from Texas and is the other band of one of the fellers from the Wrestling Club, which I posted on here a bit ago. Like that project, this makes excellent use of math rock-esque angular guitar work and fast-paced tempo shifts. He described it was "grog/noise rock" which works for me. Dude's been running a blog blitz with this EP by the way, so you more than likely have seen it about before, but I felt bad not posting something from an enthusiastic reader, especially if I have been listening to it the last few mornings to much pleasure.

To be had here:
YALL - Drink From Between Our Hair [192 kbps]

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  1. Thanks for this. Will listen to it as soon as the download is complete. Like your description but will see how it translates. Thanks for taking the time to post this stuff.