Saturday, March 5, 2011

TwinSisterMoon - The Hollow Mountain (2009)

As suggested in yesterday's post of Isengrind, this is a recent album by the other half of Natural Snow Buildings. Mehdi Ameziane goes by the name of TwinSisterMoon in solo efforts. The Hollow Mountain is without a doubt of the same ilk as Natural Snow Buildings, Isengrind or the Finnish bands I recalled in yesterday's post. Of course, the key to this sort of experimental folk is the subtle uniqueness that an artist can bring to their compositions that help to create a picture or mood in a listener. TwinSisterMoon does a wonderful job at provoking a image of nature for me with her use of recording of such common noises as water flowing and humming, otherworldly vocals. Additionally, what is surprising is the versatility across the album, for toward the end with "To the Green Pastures (of the Land of the Dead)," Ameziane throws in a catchy rhythm and lighthearted hum. Now only if the snow here could melt a bit so I could witness some colorful nature to go along with this....

To be had here:
TwinSisterMoon - The Hollow Mountain [256 VBR kbps]

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