Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sigmoid Argonaut - The Noumenon Realm EP (2009)

More submitted material for today's offering. According to the member that sent to this EP, Sigmoid Argonaut was a band. Nevertheless, he was kind enough to share this release for us all to pour into our ears. Believably enough they're spacey as well, but with a math rock feel from the lovely guitar playing flying about. Definitely progressive and bordering on the post-rock at certain moments that works well to create a space-age/futuristic style in my elementary judgment. In fact, as my life as taken on more bar-going and less sitting at home with a six-pack every night, I have seen some bands that can't play half this well in Detroit but spoil even that with dramatic lyrics, or worse the cutely comical lyrics. Beyond my personal feel of lyrics in certain genres, I legitimately think this band had a good and unique a enough sound to be worth hearing. Too bad they're no longer about but I don't think musicians sit idly for too long if they can help it. No art as far as I can find, I sent an e-mail to get the title that isn't tagged but forgot to ask about art.

To be had here:
Sigmoid Argonaut - The Noumenon Realm EP [160 kbps]

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