Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spook Houses - The Home EP (2011)

I have had Spook House's Real Ghosts / Pretend Ghosts EP with me all the time since it was sent the link. Damned fine as that is you might see why I am not gonna hesitate to throw a pitch for their new release, The Home EP, which takes its title song from the previous EP but is otherwise material we haven't been privy to on their bandcamp. Unlike the previous EP though this one cost a piddly $7 for the limited release on vinyl. As of this date their not shipping yet, but how better to guarantee one than pre-ordering? As usual you can stream the whole EP for free an unlimited amount of times on their page, but as these musicians keep telling me, they need money for lord knows what antics. But look at me advocating the spending of money, hell, only steal when they're not looking, right? Anyhow, I wish this band luck and perhaps they'll get to Michigan let me hear it live sometime.

To be had here:
Spook Houses - The Home EP

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  1. don't know if this'll be seen, but i think that the dudes here are from michigan, yeah? spook houses will be out in flint on june 7 on their summer tour, just to letcha know!