Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wrestling Club - Third Reformed Church (2010)

A member of this band sent me a link to their bandcamp and I gave them a whirl. As I did like what I heard I've decided to share the news. The guy is sent to be link didn't provide me with too much information about the band, but from poking around on the internet I was able to discern that they're more than likely a Texan band. The music is math rock, both with vocals and without on this relatively short EP. Reminds me of Auto!Automatic!! and Sleeping People but the vocals in some of the tracks makes them sound considerably more poppy, but in the most likable fashion. The recording quality of does seem like it could be better, yet nothing horrible especially for a new band. I sense a lot of potential for Wrestling Club and if you wanna check it for yourself it is for the taking currently.

To be had here:
Wrestling Club - Third Reformed Church

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