Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ra Cailum - Leaving EP (2010) & Walkabout (2010)

More of this glo-fi, or chillwave as I've seen it alternatively referred to, that has intrigued me. Ra Cailum is the moniker for a Midwestern electronic musician, taken from the popular anime show Gundam as far as I can tell. The music is synth-heavy and involves liberal samples of vocals and retro-sounding effects. Almost seems like the sort of music one might here in a Gundam-like show or a old sci-fi film but made far more appealing through deft composition. Ra Cailum does seem to be on the mellower side overall, at least compared to bands like Beat Connection or Neon Indian. Leaving EP fits well as a set up to the longer ablum, Walkabout. In fact, a track called "Evergreens" on the EP was a titular follow up on the full-length in "Evergreens (pt. II)." This makes sense, as they were release quite close to one another and contain the same mood throughout them. I know that Walkabout is being given out for free by the artist on last.fm and other places. I assume the same is the case for the Leaving EP but throw him a bone and see him live should you get a chance if it ain't too much trouble.

To be had here:

Leaving EP [320 kbps]

Walkabout [256 VBR kbps]

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