Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Girls Names - You Should Know By Now (2010)

I'm pretty super-jazzed about this band. I know I tooted a rather loud horn about Ghost Animal, which I completely stand by still. Well, this must be the music blogging equivalent to a winning streak, not to dismiss anything else I've posted, for if I didn't think it was good and had merit I wouldn't shill it. Girls Names is a Northern Irish band based in Belfast that got signed by Brooklyn's awesome record label Captured Tracks. Although originally an duo, they've grown into a three-piece and they make some gorgeous noise pop. You Should Know By Now is an EP and their initial release in the US, but hopefully more will follow soon. I wish I could provide some really solid comparisons, but pulling a references from the depths of my music archive is remarkably difficult for me. Anyhow, my best shot at the moment is Crystal Stilts, Suicide and Fungi Girls, yet something in me says there is a very obvious something I am forgetting, Jesus & Mary Chain most likely. They're sneaky and omnipresent. No matter the references, Girls Names are spot on for what I am currently looking for musically, and I've got to bet you'll like them a whole lot too.

To be had here:
Girls Names - You Should Know By Now [256 VBR kbps]

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