Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beat Connection - Surf Noir EP (2010)

I'll begin with my disclaimer, I can't remember how I got this album. Just know it was near the top of my recently added songs, and after giving in a listen I was sure it needed to be posted. I mean, how could one pass up such a thing as an EP called Surf Noir? Luckily, the music lives up to the name. Beat Connection has succeed in making electronic music that provokes imagines of a beach side party that wouldn't have Corona. Not too long ago I posted a similar description of Candy Claws, and it is true that the two bands are quite alike. If anything Beat Connection is more dance-orientated and a bit less ethereal than Candy Claws. Another reason I was all worked up to post this band is that it was the first time I saw the term "glo-fi" and those of you that have been regular readers might recall that I think new genre names are fun and cute. Indeed, glo-fi is a good as term as any string of terms I might assemble for what Beat Connection sounds like, especially if you read the good description of glo-fi on More or less it is lo-fi electronic music that infuses a good deal of retro or nostalgic elements into it. If Beat Connection is any indication of what this route can yield, I'll be clamoring for more.

To be had here:
Beat Connection - Surf Noir EP [320 bkps]


  1. one of my favorite EP of the year!
    great post

  2. i love this ep. it made my very first post. great pick antarktikos!