Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Space Mountain - Ferry Lane (2013)

How could we pass up reviewing a record from a band called SPACE MOUNTAIN? This Connecticut band’s name says it all and fits comfortably on the ledge of a rock mountain reaching towards the stars. I am getting a noteworthy early-90s indie vibe from these lovely lads on their first release. There is a love for the lo-fi and the jangly riffs that dominated college radio stations 20 years ago. Best of all, the record never takes itself too serious, allowing the group to let it all hang out and enjoy some sloppy jamming. Just listen to the standout track “There U Are” to get a sense of what I mean with its mumbled, half-drunken vocal delivery and whistle-backed harmony. This stuff should make you want to pull out your 4-track and Pavement records and pound away to your heart’s content. 

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