Friday, June 28, 2013

Lisabi - Senseless (2012)

Prog is treated by some to be the ugly, fattened alternate reality to the more "real" punk and garage rock sounds that came to replace it in popularity and hip credibility. That's a shame really, and I say that as a very committed garage rock aficionado. I like my music dirty and fast. I dare say that I also enjoy well studied musicianship that puts a premium on intricate solos.

The passion, authenticity, and immediacy of any 3 chord punk song can be heard in Brazil's native sons Lisabi. Their new release, "Senseless" takes Prog and throws out all the references to Tolkien and replaces them with anger and angst at the modern world. Half the songs are in the band's own tongue, something I am always happy to see. Best of all, these kids are on tour in the US this July, and that means you have a chance to come out and help them along their way. This record is a mere 4 bucks, but their first release is absolutely free. So get them cholo!

Get it here:
Lisabi - Senseless (2012)

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