Thursday, June 27, 2013

La Luz - Call Me in the Day (2013)

I first heard the Washington based La Luz when Burger Records put out an EP of theirs this year, and they have followed it up with another great pair of songs on a recent 7 inch released by Water Wing Records. This all girl pop act takes everything worth keeping from the lo-fi pop genre and puts a beautiful shine on top of old tropes and chord arrangements. That isn't to say these ladies don't put together some great licks and rhythms; this short record has its ample share of them. Reactionary is rarely used as a positive, but this group has internalized the joys of the 3 minute pop song, processed it accordingly, and put out a great set of tracks that any rock aficionado would enjoy. Highly recommended.

Buy it here:
La Luz - Call Me in the Day (2013)

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