Monday, May 27, 2013

Crystal Soda Cream - Escape from Vienna (2013)

The great folks at Totally Wired Records have a slew of good lo-fi and garage acts from just across the Atlantic pond, and Crystal Soda Cream is the newest gem in that line-up. Vintage synthesizers and a love for the early Goth sounds of the 1980s? Count me in!

“Escape from Vienna” is the record Joy Division would have made had they played a few too may Fugazi and Billie Holiday records in between studio sessions. This is dark stuff.  The sound quality is lo-fi in presentation, but the dense and somber tones that comes out of this record is what has required multiple listens on my part. “Sweet Doom” is the standout track in my opinion, and captures the band’s love for the whole darkwave scene. But if you are looking for a truly bitter journey, “Dead Again” is your anthem. Coming from the grave myself, this track sounds like a suicide note from a forgotten lover as they plunge into the sea. Thankfully, there are tracks like “Shades” that pull up the listener from the depths and give them a glass of scotch to enjoy as the dark comes and overcomes you with tomorrow’s lies. 

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