Monday, May 27, 2013

The Spyrals - ST (2012)

The Spyrals are from San Francisco have been making ever so small (yet persistent) ripples throughout the Bay Area music scene over the last year. They look the part, they have the sound, and as the cover to the right demonstrates, they come from another time. They rock out that lo-fi psychedelic garage rock sound that has been gaining prominence in the garage rock scene over the last year, and the Spyrals do it very well. "Disguise" is the standout track on their full length record, and warrants repeated listens, but there are few throw-aways on this 9 track adventure.

The digital download is not free, but it is worth listening to on their Bandcamp and then plopping down the 12 dollars for a slab of vinyl.

Get it here:
The Spyrals - ST (2012)

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