Wednesday, May 29, 2013

EP Grab Bag vol. 31

I have been catching up with the extensive backlog that built up over the course of last month. Here are some standouts. 

If loud and nosey garage rock is what bleeds through your veins, then the new set from the Stolen Girls may as well be a necessary transfusion. This is loud, maxed out, hook heavy garage rock for anyone who knows that the best music is that done live with amble amounts of explosives. “It’s Dead” is my favorite track, but I can’t help but love any song titled “Fuck Morrissey (with a knife).”

Florida must have a vibrant garage rock scene at the moment based on the number of submissions I get from the state. The one thing that can kill a vampire is an alligator (shsssshh, don’t tell anyone else), so I don’t plan to go there anytime soon. Thankfully bands like this release their music online so I don’t need to (and for fuck’s sake, why would you want to go to Florida either?). “Telepath” stands out as the track to represent this EP, with its eerie layered vocals and meandering synth line.

Separating himself from the pack of drone musicians, Sean Proper plays a 12 string and arranges music that better sits next to Sir Richard Bishop’s recent catalogue. The licks are stuff many metal heads work on as they develop their stuff, but Proper finds a way to make this stuff interesting and engrossing. The film soundtrack to your life waking up in the desert from a significant LSD binge.

Now this is spacerock. Hailing from frozen Norway comes this explosive act with blasts of noise and dueling vocals, this group plays well to the “music better be bigger than Jesus if I am going to give a shit” crowd. This is big, aggressive, and plentiful music for those who crave such things.

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