Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Hawk and A Hacksaw - Delivrance (2009)

This night shift as continued to throw me off, but even more so is finally having money to spend for the first time in months so I have been living like a slightly-less-poor menial laborer for a few days. Anyhow that means I am just gonna post something I am familiar with but overlooked in posting a while ago. I already shared another album by this group earlier in the blog's history and went into the various musical outlets of the man behind it, Jeremy Barnes. This album is really a continuation of the sound found in the previous releases produced under this moniker, namely Balkan-esque, string and horn heavy compositions. I really like the beginning of this album because of the especially lo-fi sounding track found there, "Foni tu argile." When I listen to this stuff it makes me think of wars with Turks and merchants traveling for the goods of the Mideast through Balkan lands. Moreover, A Hawk and Hacksaw are largely instrumental, which is exactly what one needs for productivity at times. Lastly, I must say that I enjoy A Hawk and Hacksaw continually despite the other bands that are similar to it (Beirut for example) fade into vast un-listened-to pile.

To be had here:
A Hawk and A Hacksaw - Delivrance [192 VBR kbps]

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