Monday, July 19, 2010

Charlie & the Moonhearts - Thunderbeast (2008)

This is basically a follow-up to the last post on here of Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin. This is Cronin's band that I alluded to. After being impressed with what he did paired up with Segall I decided hunting down this group would likely be worth my trouble. I was not disappointed either, so I've just gotten off of work and thought that it be a mighty fine use of my morning beer consumption time to pass this out. If you listened to the EPs in the previous post you have a general idea of what this will sound like, garage punk/surf rock but this is a bit more surf while being a bit less intense on the loudness. Naturally, it is quite lo-fi as well. If I recall they're based in Los Angeles. This is suitable for their surf rock influences, as they are somewhat like a modern Surfaris (or better yet The Original Surfaris, there is a difference). Something to listen for is an wonderful cover Del Shannon's classic hit, "Runaway," which is stuck in the middle of the album. Thunderbeast is amazing title for a handsomely done album that epitomizes what surf after the coming of punk rock should be like in my humble opinion.

To be had here:
Charlie & the Moonhearts - Thunderbeast [192 kbps]

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