Friday, July 16, 2010

Dan Auerbach - Keep It Hid (2009)

The blog that I grabbed this off of has escaped my memory and for that I apologize, but if another blog posted it they should feel free to leave a comment directing people to check their shit. Additionally, I know this came out last year and this shocked me that I missed it until I realized I had stopped listening to the Black Keys newer releases as they strayed further from the blues rock that I began listening to them for. Not that that is a bad thing, just moved into something I wasn't hankering for, but I know brother liked them more as they collaborated with hip hop artists. Anyhow, the album at had in Dan Auerbach, the guitar-wielding half of the Black Keys, released this, first solo album. It has many of the things I like about bluesy rock like organs and fancy guitar work, but also it possesses that lovely sound of fuzzed out bass in abundance. The second track, "I Want Some More," really grabs your attention if you were multitasking through the first song and the album does a decent job at sustaining the excitement until "When The Night Comes" where shit slows the fuck down. As solo projects often are, this is an outlet for Auerbach to try out things he feels might not jive well with his main gig, but these were certainly worth making a record of.

To be had here:
Dan Auerbach - Keep It Hid [192 kbps]

The other half of the Black Keys, Patrick Carney, composed a track for a online commercial for a book from the most excellent small publisher, McSweeney's. Enjoy this most righteous track and amazing animation in this ad for Art Speigelman's Be A Nose!

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