Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Okay, right off the bat I am gonna acknowledge I didn't discover these guys through my own diligence. There was a link on Somatose (which is a very righteous blog) that gave me the heads up. I was a bit concerned about stepping on their toes over there, but I really fucking can't stop listening to this band so I figured promoting them more was better than just yelling at the few people in my day to day life that might take a music recommendation seriously. Also, I have started fresh employment that has be working the night shift, so as I've adjusted my posting has suffered but now and I'm getting in the swing so hopefully there will be more to come soon. Now, on to the albums on hand: COOLRUNNINGS is not only the best name for a band I have heard in years with the best album art I've seen in even longer, but they make some wildly amazing music. I know I praise shit often on here, but I can't stress this enough. This band is super fucking awesome. They're lo-fi, noisy, and sleazy while being marvelously exciting with skillful in use of electronic elaboration of their sound. Perhaps one of the things that I find most endearing is how such as in the titled track of Babes Forever they take their time getting into the catchy parts of the song making it feel more like an experience instead a radio-ready wannabe hit. They're sharing the songs for free in most any format you'd like it in on bandcamp so I am just gonna link you there, and I think you can pay them if you are looking for places to put money other than big record labels.

To be had here:

Babes Forever EP (2010)

Buffalo EP (2010)